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Beyond Writer’s Block: Three Steps to Pushing Through

By: Trish Lee

Photo Credit: FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Anyone who has written has experienced the inevitable “writer’s block”. You are sitting at the computer or have a blank sheet of paper in front of you, desperate to pour forth greatness onto the writer’s version of a blank canvas. Your brain is screaming, “I don’t know what to write!” You are not alone.  It happens to all writers. It happened to me when I sat down to write this article. Whether you are a veteran writer or a novice, fret not. Here are three simple steps you can use to move past the writer’s block and get back on task.

1. Set a time to write and stick to it – It doesn’t have to be a lot of time. Take fifteen minutes in the morning while you drink your coffee. Or wait until the kids have gone to bed. Whenever you feel the most alert. Pick a time and schedule it on a regular basis to sit down and write.

2. Pick the low-hanging fruit – Whether you are writing a memoir, a business report or an instruction manual, the best place to start is the easiest place. What are you most comfortable with? What subject is floating around right there at the top of your brain that you could just skim off the surface and put it down on paper? Choose the easiest topic to write about. This may be difficult for the personality type that eats, sleeps and breathes order, but try it. It will be more productive than working on that outline for the next three weeks.

3. Just do it! – Borrowed from the Nike campaign, but it really works. You have set your time and picked your topic. Now it is time to write. Just sit down and free-write about your subject you have chosen at your chosen time. Don’t think about grammar or context. Just write. Grammar, context and all the other structural aspects of writing can be addressed later during the editing process.

Writer’s block can be admittedly frustrating, but it can be easily overcome. While it may seem “too easy” to follow these three steps, stick with it. You never know when, nestled somewhere amidst the low-hanging fruit, you will find the nugget around which you will craft your next masterpiece.

You have your marching orders! Go write!


Book Elves Turns One: What Lies Ahead

By: Trish Lee

Wow, what a year! We have seen our first book cover published and selling on Amazon, by our client Marc Miller. We have completed the first draft on a major ghostwriting project, as well as finalizing the selection for a writer on an autobiography of a truly extraordinary man who has lived his life as a merchant marine, bar owner in Japan, several years as a Peace Corp volunteer in Africa and a sculptor. I can’t wait to finish that project! It will be quite an interesting read.

I want to take a minute to thank all who have made this possible. The only way we are able to make Book Elves Publishing so successful is through our partnerships with people who are truly experts in their fields. With the help of writers, graphic artists, marketing specialists, web designers and my fabulous assistant, Rachael Wilkins, we have been able to put together these projects to help our clients get their books written, edited, published and marketed. So “thank you” to all of our partners for making this possible.

We are excited to see what the next year has in store for us as we increase our national exposure. We have new partners we will be bringing on to offer even more exciting products to our clients, like video profiles and audiobooks. We will also be looking at expanding our Boot Camp to include participants online, making it easier to attend and receive the valuable information our partners offer for those do-it-yourselfers. Stay tuned to our website, Facebook page and newsletter for more details on these new offerings.

Finally, I want to thank our clients. It has been a joy to work with each of you, and I hope we will be able to continue to work on projects together in the future. You are what makes Book Elves Publishing possible. Looking forward to another eventful and prosperous year!

Home Sweet Home: A Letter from Trish

Dear Book Elves Fans:

The view from my new office

We like to keep you informed of all the happenings at Book Elves, so I would like to take this opportunity to let you all know of an important move we have completed this month. My family and I have moved to Indiana to build a home on my husband’s family farm. Tony and I have talked about this for years, but  after my oldest daughter graduated from UT this spring, (I’m very proud of you Brittany!) we felt that the timing was finally right. By the way, anyone looking for a copy writer should give her a call.

Although we have decided to make this move, Book Elves is still firmly based in the Austin area. ATX is where our roots are, and nothing will change that. Our monthly Boot Camp workshops will continue to be held at Posh Co-working space through the end of the year. We are reviewing our options for how the workshops will be offered next year (both physically and virtually) and will keep you posted.

Most of our partners are also located in the Austin area. They have been valued “Elves” and we continue to build our relationships with all of our partners to increase and enhance the services we bring to you.

With this recent change, we are moving forward on our path toward national visibility and offering our services to writers and speakers beyond the Austin area. In addition to our plans to increase our exposure with the workshops, we are also currently on the lookout for a representative who can spread the word about Book Elves and what we do. While we are looking to expand our reach, we remain very much available to our local network in Austin, as it is a mecca for creatives and others who can help our clients get their books written, published and marketed. As always, I will continue to have a hands-on role in every book project we undertake.

I was born a Texan, raised a Texan and have raised two Texans of my own. Texas will always be in my heart! Just know that I am only a phone call away.

Thank you for your continued support of Book Elves!

Trish Lee
President, Book Elves Publishing