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Boot Camp Year-End Report

Book Elves Boot Camp got off to a great start this year in May with a RISE Austin session featuring Thomas Umstattd, Jr. revealing secrets to an amazing author website. Throughout the year we were honored to have such knowledgeable speakers as Stephanie Barko, David Fried, Jenny Magic, Joey McGirr and Lynn Scheurell cover a wide variety of topics to help writers  identify their target reader, navigate the editing process, effectively market their book and much more.

As we look forward to 2014, we have decided to transition from local workshops to online formats such as webinars, podcasts and videos in an effort to expand our reach and provide the wealth of knowledge and insight of our partners to a much larger audience. We are very excited about what lies ahead and can’t wait to get our little hands dirty to make make it all happen for you, our clients and friends.

Be watching for lots of new things in the coming months as we get up to our elfin elbows in a more multimedia approach to bringing you even more knowledge and information about bringing your message to the world.

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Thank you for a great 2013. Here’s to an even more amazing 2014!

How Social Media Can Give You R.E.A.C.H.

By: Joey McGirr

I’m often asked to illustrate the value of online social networks and with so many analogies to pull from it’s hard to find a consistent message for all scenarios. We have created a simple explanation used within our organization that answers our basic questions when working with any client. We have found this works well in all scenarios. Whether you’re an Architect, Realtor or an Author – This acrostic will work for you.

We call it R.E.A.C.H.

R = Reason: What is your REASON for using various online social networks? Your reason is your “WHY”. If your reason is not strong enough for you to keep at it until it eventually works, then you need to stop right here. Nothing you start will ever be perfect right out the gate. That is why we evaluate your Why right from the start.

E = Engage: Once we establish your Why, we move on to the “WHERE”. What is/are the best tool(s)/channel(s) for engaging your specific audience?  From your audience’s perspective, what is attractive and engaging enough about YOU to break through today’s information overload? Each channel is a noisy corridor of information. Be very specific and strategic about where you engage your audience.

A = Audience: Speaking of the audience, or “WHO”, who are you trying to REACH? What are their motives for responding? What is the quality of connection you have with them? Are they influential? Can you leverage your Audience? Will they buy your next book? Can you continue to grow your Audience through effective online networking?

C = Content: “WHAT” will your message be? As a writer, you should have developed a keen understanding of human communication through the written word. However, several Authors have done quite well to communicate through pictures and video. How can you get your audience interested in you through information/education? When will you have the best advantage for your content to be seen? How much of your paid content should be given away for free in an attempt to grow your Audience?

H = HOW: The most critical component is “HOW”. Once you really know why you’re networking online, where and who you’re network is, when to use the best tools and what to say, the only question that should remain (if you don’t already know) is HOW?

We have been testing this material out and it’s proven to be very effective. I owe a huge debt of gratitude to Brad Closson for sparking the genius of the R.E.A.C.H. model.  At the end of the day, the real value of online social media networks is the REACH that it gives you.  What practical way can you see yourself using R.E.A.C.H. in your efforts to become everything you were intended to become?


Joey is a Southern California native Austin transplant, who loves helping people and making a difference. He is an entrepreneur. He enjoys getting around people who want to make a difference in the community they live. He has a strong affinity for movers and shakers and tends to stay pretty busy. He’s a personal branding enthusiast. He thinks there are just as many new ideas and perspectives as there are people on the planet and he wants to hear them all. He’s passionate about what makes us all different and how we can use those differences to come back together, larger than the sum of our parts. Learn more about Joey and his many endeavors at JoeyMcGirr.com. He is also the founder and CEO of McGirr Enterprises.

Book Elves Announces New Media Partners

They say, “You are who you associate with,” and at Book Elves, we know full well the value of surrounding ourselves with people who bring a wealth of skill and insight to the table. We have worked hard this past year to put together a solid team of partners who provide a full range of services to our clients in an effort to make the writing and self-publishing process flow as naturally as a mountain stream.

We are pleased to announce the addition of two new author media partners to the Book Elves Partners Team. Book Elves has negotiated special rates with both of these service providers that are available exclusively to our clients. These media packages are designed to provide you with professionally produced results at a significant savings.

AUTHOR VIDEOS by Video Profile Austin

When it comes to speaking about your book…really speaking about your book… no one can do justice to telling your story quite like you can. Video Profile Austin is a video marketing company specializing in producing affordable videos for businesses. They offer a model that features a professional shoot environment, reasonable pricing, and only a 50-minute time commitment. The special Book Elves Author Video Profile includes a one-minute professionally recorded and produced video. Your 50-minute session includes 25 minutes of coaching, hair and makeup and 25 minutes of the actual recording session.

ELECTRONIC MEDIA BOOK SERVICES by Gene Vasconi | Communication Arts Multimedia

Audio and video technology are revolutionizing the self-publishing world. From audiobooks to audio and video book promotion materials, making multimedia a part of your writing and publishing experience is an absolute must. Communication Arts Multimedia is an award-winning electronic/print media producer and has been providing electronic media projects for museums and businesses for over 20 years. Owner Gene Vasconi is a former television producer/director and communications trainer. The following special packages are available to Book Elves clients:

Audiobook Package
This is a single-voice recording of your book content onto digital medium using professional equipment (approximately 100 content pages and up to four one-hour sessions for recording – additional hours are billed separately). It includes basic audio presentation coaching during session(s), mix-down and editing into chapters/tracks for audiobook use and creation of a final audio CD master or creation of streaming content for web delivery.

Audio Promo Package
This package includes a three to five minute promotional segment in your voice. The recording will be written and created by Communication Arts and delivered on MP3 format for web use.

Video Book Trailer
This is a 30-60 second video written and produced by Communication Arts in a professional announcer voice. Music and/or sound effects will be included as needed. The video is graphic-based and delivered as .MOV (high definition) file for web use.

Watch for more details and pricing information on all the new media services coming soon. In the meantime, if you would like to discuss or have any questions about these services, please contact Trish Lee at trish.lee@bookelvespublishing.com. Both Video Profile Austin and Communication Arts Multimedia are scheduled to offer a brief introduction of their services during the September Book Elves Boot Camp on September 18th, where special guest speaker Joey McGirr of McGirr Enterprises will be presenting How Social Media Can Give You R.E.A.C.H. Click here for registration information.