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3 Steps to a Great Book Cover Design

We’ve all heard the saying, “Never judge a book by its cover.”  The reality of it is that’s exactly what happens. Your book is and will be judged by its cover.

Now the question is, “Which verdict is your book cover going to get?”

Will the browser be intrigued, render a “not guilty” verdict and make a purchase, or will your book cover be deemed “guilty” and banished forever? So how do you go about presenting a winning book cover that will get you the votes you need? Here are 3 steps to guarantee a great book cover.

1. Have an engaging visual or book title. You can have the visual and the title as a single element or as separate elements. Whichever route you take, it needs to be arresting. Keep in mind the purpose of the visual and/or title is to stop the browser FAST and entice them to read the rest of your copy. The most effective way to accomplish this is to ensure the visual and book title resonate with the reader emotionally.

2. Use a sub-title. When you use a very abstract title, it helps to have a sub-title. Think of the sub-title as the supporter; its role is to further entice the browser and explain the book title.

3. Include reviews, endorsements or testimonials. Research shows that about 60% of shoppers buy because of recommendations, so having a few of them on your cover helps to establish your creditability, making your case much more persuasive.

There are millions of books all competing for attention. Having the extra edge will always give you the advantage, and now you have three steps to give you a good chance of a “not guilty” verdict for your cover.


MamiSerwaa Amoakohene has been called “a visual interpreter,” “a visual problem solver.” Having the artistry to create designs that matches exactly what her clients had envisioned. Her 15 years in design, marketing and advertising has given her a knack for understanding and interpreting her clients needs and producing effective solutions.

As owner of 3Ps Graphical Solutions, a design and brand consulting firm, MamiSerwaa works closely with small to mid-size business and start-ups to help them identify their unique story/brand and assist them in crafting the right marketing and design solution for their specific target market. Her services ranges from print, package design, photography to digital/online marketing. She can be found most often teaching business owners how they can brand themselves.

Contact her at email@mamiserwaa.com or visit her at MamiSerwaa.com.