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Life Cycle of a Book

Self-publishing a book can often be a daunting process. There are many moving pieces in getting your message out to the world through self-publishing. Here is a breakdown of the self-publishing process that outlines what you need to do and how Book Elves can help you get on your way to writing and publishing your book.


4 Phases of Self-Publishing

1. DEVELOPMENT: This is where your book is born. The idea is developed into a full-fledged plan. This is when you look at similar books to see how you can make your book UNIQUE. You will also establish your plan for the book. How much time can you devote to writing? When do you want it published? This is where the structure of your project plan will be solidified.

2. PRE-PRODUCTION: This is where the pre-writing process begins – brainstorming, fleshing out the structure and organization of the book. The fruit of this is lots and lots of notes and free-flow writing to get the juices flowing – basically working on the ideas for the book.

3. PRODUCTION: Here is the meat of the book-writing process -getting the book written. Here you will experience writing, revising, writing and revising again. The initial manuscript is written and then edited – and then edited again. And again. It helps to get as many people as you can reading the book at this point to get different viewpoints.

4. POST-PRODUCTION: The book is finished. You’re done! Not quite. Now come all the non-writing parts of self-publishing – book layout, cover design, choosing a printer or a digital means to distribute your book, and then the dreaded marketing of the book.

Each of these phases are addressed below to show what you as a writer must be responsible for and where Book Elves can take some of the load off of you, allowing you to focus on your message.
~Time Frame is based on existing case studies. Actual time frames will vary based on author's availability and commitment.
Author's Responsibilites*Define goals & desired outcomes*Define desired publication date & book launch
*Outline Development
*Start writing
*1st draft revision
*2nd draft revision
*Other draft revisions
*Final draft
*Book Layout
*Cover Design
*Choose publishing options (Print or Digital)
*Publication Media Selection (Kindle, iPad, etc)
*Market the Book!
How can Book Elves help?*Topic Development
*Originality Research
*Develop unique aspect of book topic
*Project Plan Development
*Organize BRAIN DUMP
*Outline Development
*Copy Editing
*Content Editing
*Interior book layout
*Cover Design
*Uploading to different media
*Print media solutions

*Implement Marketing Plan, including Social Media
*Website development
*Event Planning
*Book Launch
*Book Signings
*Speaking Engagements
Expected Time Frame~*One week - Two months*One week - Six months*Three months - Two yearsOngoing