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Project Plan Development

Project plan development is the stage where we work with you to put together a workable plan and timetable for writing your book. We start with your target date (when you would like to publish your book) and we work back from there, taking into account how long each step of the process should take. This will be different for each author and each book, depending largely on your writing style and time availability.

For some writers, putting their thoughts to words on a page happens very naturally and quickly. Others prefer to take their time in formulating what they want to say, so the process may take a little longer. Part of the plan development process is identifying your individual writing style and determining how much time you can realistically commit to writing each week.

The plan will include everything from outline development to first and second drafts, editing, rewrites, final draft and every part of the process of getting your book ready to publish.

Now that this initial planning step is taken care of, it’s time to start the creative process with Organizing Brain Dump.