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Five Things to Consider Before Writing a Book

If you’d like to write a book, but have a long list of questions and doubts, don’t worry. Absolutely anyone can write a book. All you need is clarity, an action plan and a willingness to implement. Use these five questions to get clear, develop your action plan and get started.

What is my purpose for writing a book? There aren’t any right or wrong reasons to write a book. The following are only a few common reasons you might write a book:

  • to create another income stream
  • position yourself as an expert in your field
  • extend your reach
  • grow a consulting business or speaking career
  • work for yourself
  • express yourself
  • market your business
  • get media attention
  • attract opportunities, etc.

Do I want to sell a million copies? If you’d like to make an income based on book sales alone, moving a high volume is necessary. To sell a million copies of your book, you must actively promote. Create a domain name and website for your book, where people can either directly purchase or access a purchasing portal. Start a blog, and regularly publish articles about your book topic. Doing so will bring qualified traffic to your website. Also, send press releases to media outlets for feature opportunities, and do regular book signings.

Do I want to promote my business? Having written and published a book lends instant expert status, and positions you as an industry leader. Here’s a quick action plan. Promote your book on your business website, and make it available on Amazon to bring in new leads. Blog on your website, and promote your book by doing guest blog posts and interviews on highly trafficked websites. Also, send out press releases, pitching your solutions and industry knowledge.

Do I have the time? Make room in your schedule, and devote yourself to write at optimal times, such as during your lunch break or when your kids are asleep. If you can’t spare time to write, or you run into a severe bout of writer’s block, you can hire a ghostwriter to pen the content and even arrange your thoughts into a logical format.

Do I have the money? You can self-publish on any budget, from the low end to high. If you have a small budget, you’ll find online publishing platforms to fit your needs. However, if you have more money to spend on your project, do so. Hiring professionals will ensure you have a quality finished product. To learn more about the costs of self-publishing, see the article, ………. (PLUG “Can I afford to write a book?” here, AND LINK TO IT.)


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Monica Crowe writes blog posts, newsletters and sales messages for passion-driven entrepreneurs, so they can make the most of their business hours, while doing more of the work they love.