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Choosing YOUR Book Topic

You plan to write a book, but don’t know what about. This is a common problem facing would-be writers, but you can overcome it right now. It’s time to contemplate what not only fits your interests and expertise, but is also of value to others. Get out a pen and paper, and answer these key questions, writing anything and everything that comes to mind.

What could you explain to someone in your sleep? People often take for granted the topics they know most about. After all, everyone knows this stuff, right? While a certain topic is a no-brainer to you, others find it perplexing and difficult.

Does the topic you have selected feel “too easy” for you? Whatever you do, understand or explain effortlessly can be rightly called your expertise. If you choose to write about your expertise, you will not only give tremendous value to your readers, but writing your book will be easier, too.

What are you passionate about? You will spend countless hours devoted to writing your book, so choose a topic you won’t tire of. If you haven’t found your passion, consider what you most value in life. Also, when do you feel energized, useful and inspired? If you’re multi-passionate, combining your interests into one topic will give your book a unique angle.

Have you already done a workshop or seminar about a particular subject? Could it be expanded on? Workshop and seminar formats make perfect book outlines, because the topics are already researched and organized. Depending on the duration of your seminar or workshop, you might not have to add any more material to fill your book.

Do you write a blog? Could your posts be organized into a book? If you blog about various aspects of one topic, and you have segmented your blog into subtopics, or categories, much of your work is already done. To give more value to readers, flesh out your best blog posts. Give more detailed information. Conversely, your book might simply be a collection of some of your best and most popular blog posts presented exactly as they are on your site.


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Monica Crowe writes blog posts, newsletters and sales messages for passion-driven entrepreneurs, so they can make the most of their business hours, while doing more of the work they love.