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Once your project plan is in place and your organization steps are complete, it is important to maintain steady progress toward your writing goals. With our Accountability Services, we work alongside you to motivate you and help you stay focused and on pace.

We will check in with you on a weekly basis to monitor your progress in accomplishing your goals. We help you identify any hurdles that might be in the way and determine how we can help you eliminate those hurdles and get back on track as you progress through Phase 3: Production.



Outline Development

The outline is one of the final steps before you begin the actual writing of your book. Your research is done. You have identified your unique aspect of your book topic and organized your thoughts and notes.

Book Elves can now help you develop an outline that will serve as your writing guide. What subtopics will you use as chapter headings? What items or issues will you address in each chapter? How will you introduce each subtopic and conclude each chapter? These are all questions that we will help you answer so that you are comfortable and confident of where you are headed as you begin writing.

When your outline is complete and you are ready to begin writing, we now move to the final step on the Pre-Production Phase: Accountability.

Organizing Brain Dump

Many authors start out by brainstorming their ideas and writing down “stuff.”  Book Elves can take all that brainstorming brilliance and organize it in a more logical format, bringing cohesiveness and structure to your thoughts.

This process helps make the overall task of writing a book less daunting and more doable. From here, you can more easily create your outline as you prepare to start writing your book.

From here, we proceed to Outline Development.

Project Plan Development

Project plan development is the stage where we work with you to put together a workable plan and timetable for writing your book. We start with your target date (when you would like to publish your book) and we work back from there, taking into account how long each step of the process should take. This will be different for each author and each book, depending largely on your writing style and time availability.

For some writers, putting their thoughts to words on a page happens very naturally and quickly. Others prefer to take their time in formulating what they want to say, so the process may take a little longer. Part of the plan development process is identifying your individual writing style and determining how much time you can realistically commit to writing each week.

The plan will include everything from outline development to first and second drafts, editing, rewrites, final draft and every part of the process of getting your book ready to publish.

Now that this initial planning step is taken care of, it’s time to start the creative process with Organizing Brain Dump.

Developing the Aspect of Book Topic

Once you have completed your originality research and you know what similar books are already on the market, now it’s time to dig into your topic and find the uniqueness of your approach to it. Through our partner, Connective Management, we help you define what you want to say and how you want to say it in a way that is uniquely you and sets you apart from the others.

This is where you find your voice; we are here to help you step up to the microphone.

Now you are ready to move on to Phase 2: Pre-Production, which begins with Project Plan Development.

Originality Research

When it comes to publishing a book that people can’t wait to get their hands on, originality is the name of the game. Once you have selected your topic, the next important step is conducting originality research. This is where we snoop around to see what other books have already been written on your topic and how similar they are to what you have in mind. We can help you research what you need to know before proceeding to the next step: Developing the Aspect of Book Topic.

Life Cycle of a Book – The Self-Publishing Process

Topic Development

Book Elves is prepared to provide extensive assistance to the writer who doesn’t feel they are an author yet. The first daunting task a potential author must face is deciding what to write about.

Through our partnership with Connective Management, Book Elves is able to offer services which enable you to find your strengths and build upon them. After your three one-hour sessions, you will walk away feeling reassured the topic you have chosen for your future book is the right one.

Once you have settled on your topic, it’s time to proceed to the next phase, Originality Research.